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Marko Dumančić

guitarist and lutenist



Born in Zagreb, Croatia, in 1968, Marko Dumančić attended music school and learned to play the classical guitar from early childhood. In Vienna, he studied the classical guitar at the Conservatory of Vienna as well as at the University of Performing Arts.
Soon Marko felt the wish to exceed the limitations of only interpreting songs and pieces in the classical way. Thus he began to search for new ways to express his musical ideas, finding inspiration in old music and flamenco. Combining the principles of counterpoint with the chord structures of flamenco, he developed his own musical language.

So, he studied to play the archlute as well as the flamenco guitar.
His recent band project is “Bring me the rabbit”, where Marko writes and performs all music on guitar and archlute and is accompanied by dancer and performer Julia Petschinka.


First solo album “Tea of a Camel’s Hair”, released in 1999.
Member of bands „Kalmar“, „flamenco.viena“ and „Waschsalon“.
Also, he played in several theater ensembles

(Stadttheater Baden, Theater in der Josefstadt, Theater Akzent, Schlosstheater Schönbrunn…), for various studio recordings  (Christmas Songs with Angelika Kirchschlager, …) and in flamenco studios (Academia Flamenca, studio la guita).
He taught a class for classical guitar at the Gustav Mahler Conservatory of Music in Vienna for 10 years and teaches guitar at a public music school in Lower Austria.

“Bring Me The Rabbit” is an evening, continuously
performed by two figures in counterpoint, bringing dance and music together in a new way.
In their program, Marko Dumančić and Julia Petschinka combine dark black world-weariness (Sevdah and Flamenco) with Viennese melancholy, they pit a cyborg against an archaic dark force and blur the boundaries between past and future – sounds are electronically amplified and modulate each other in mutual distortion. 


Out Now... Single "EUROPA"  

also avaliable at Apple Music, Tidal, etc 

Coming Soon...  

Recently, Marko Dumančić recorded his latest album,

assembling his songs on guitar and archlute -

establishing his very own musical style and tone:

Melodic, powerful, thriving, rhythmically complex,

exciting and yet easy to listen.

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